Well hello there! It's been quite a while since I posted here, hasn't it? All I can say is, summer taketh over. But I'm back with a new sewing post for you!


Dennis and I had a great time in Maine. We ate plenty of lobster, went on a puffin-watch cruise, climbed lots of rock formations, visited lighthouses, ate Frosty's donuts, and thanks to the somewhat cool, overcast weather, I almost made it through vacation without stepping foot on a beach ... ALMOST.

 Popham Beach, Maine

Popham Beach, Maine

Before hitting the road, we stopped by Popham Beach. While I only lasted two hours, I have to say, it's a beach worth visiting. There's an island that you can walk to when the tide is out, and the scenery is pretty damn breathtaking. 

We also visited Halcyon Yarn in Bath, where I procured a sweater's quantity of Peace Fleece to knit a sweater for Dennis. YES! The husband sweater is finally happening. But more on that later. 

While I greatly enjoyed vacation, I'm happy to be back home, in my craft room, surrounded my my yarn, fabric, tools and supplies! (Honorable mentions: Air conditioning and WiFi!) 


Since we returned home, I've been glued to my sewing machine and I have a new dress to show for it!


I made the Klein dress, a pattern by the Calie Faye Collection on Etsy, using this gorgeous paisley-print cotton lawn fabric from Liberty of London (the same fabric I used to line the pockets of my Moss Skirt). I actually started sewing it before we left, but didn't have enough time to finish. #SuchIsLife

FYI: If I look exhausted in these photos, you're not mistaken. I'm functioning on very little sleep, thanks to a very needy and muchly missed kitty. ðŸ±ðŸ’• (Bella stayed at her favorite kitty hotel while we were away)


And speaking of these photos, I finally got to play with my new camera. (which I'll probably write a separate blog post about at some point.) In case you missed me talking about it on the podcast (Yarngasm: Episode 282) , I saved-up for a fancy full-frame DSLR; the Canon EOS 6D Mark II (albeit gently used). You guys ... I am IN LOVE! I can't wait to take more photos of my makes with it! I used it on vacation, but to be honest, landscapes aren't my thing. I'm all about portraits. 



Honestly, this pattern could not have been more well-written. There are only 4 pattern pieces, and the construction is super simple. (ATTN: Newbie sewists!!)  It would have been a breeze to whip-up ... had I made a muslin! (REALLY, Kristin. Will you ever learn??? Nope. 😑) 


It's not a form-fitting garment, so I said to heck with the muslin. It's supposed to be airy, flowy, with quite a bit of positive ease. So, I followed the finished measurement chart and opted for the size 4 — the same size as the model (who also happens to have similar measurements.) But, alas ... the size 4 was a TENT on me! 

Don't everybody freak out, just yet. It's better that it turned out too big, rather than too small. Thankfully, these things are an easy fix!

I was able to take-in the dress (about an inch on both sides) by sewing straight up the side seams. Although, it took several attempts, getting the waistline seams to align. On one side (pictured above) you can see it's still not perfectly aligned ... but after about eight tries, I was willing to accept that done is better than perfect. Plus, the pattern is so busy, it does a great job camouflaging the mistake. 


The pattern gives you options for adjustable or fitted straps. And while it recommends the fitted version for beginners, I think the adjustables are worth the extra steps (and swears). To be honest, it's probably about as much work as the non-adjustables, because getting the strap length "just right" can be pretty tedious. So, either way, you're not cutting any corners. (IMHO)


After all was said in done, I am in love with this dress! ... and will most likely be living (and sleeping) in it for the rest of summer. I'll definitely be making another, in a size 2.