This sparkly number is the Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio. It's a simple, front-zip mini with pocketses. (Because pocketses are the best!)

I haven't blogged about it in detail yet, but I'm on a mission to create a summery capsule wardrobe for myself. This includes a simple, denim skirt to go with everything, and the Moss skirt seemed to tick all the boxes! 

OK, so I wouldn't consider this version an "every day" garment. But when sparkle chambray fabric comes into your life ... can you blame me for making something less practical? (Who am I kidding? Sparkles are ALWAYS practical!)


For those wanting to know the mathy bits ... The skirt's waistband is designed to sit 2" below the natural waist. My waist is 26" and 37" hips (the fullest part, around my butt).  So I cut out pieces for the size 2 waist (30") trued up to the size 4 hips (38"). The finished measurements gave me about 1" positive ease all around the hip area, which was perfect! 


This was my first foray into sewing fly facings, fly shields, and bar tacks. Sounds crazy difficult, but believe me when I say it was stupid easy. I may have had to reread the directions a few times to get the gist (maybe even examine my own fly zip to see what it's supposed to look like.), but one step at a time, y'all! The directions were a piece of cake to follow. 

I also tempted fate by not making a muslin, but I have more faith in indie sewing patterns than the "Big Five" pattern companies when it comes to sizing. 


I did run into an issue with the waistband. Either I didn't cut out or sew the back yoke pieces correctly and ended up with extra fabric there. I realized this when the waistband piece wouldn't pin correctly around the top of the skirt.

So, I popped it on Margot the Mannequin and pinned-out a triangle of extra fabric from where the yoke pieces were seamed together. And that did the trick!

Still, my waistband skills need improvement. The inside is a little slap-dash, and I'm not sure what went wrong, but meh. I'm not going to fuss over it. 



Speaking of garment innards (one of my favorite parts of sewing!), I added a touch of Liberty fabric for the pocket linings. Fancy!

I know no one is going to see it, but I know it's there, and it makes me feel just a little extra special. ✨🦄


I LOVE this skirt!! (Probably as much as Oprah loves bread.) The lines are super flattering and it fits like a glove. I'm so happy with the way it turned out — and relieved! ... given that I didn't make a muslin.

Even though Mr. Seam-ripper had to make a few appearances, it was still a fun and quick sew ... about five or six hours, total. 

I debated adding back pockets, but since it's more of a "dressy" fabric, I decided to save that hack for a more casual version. But I can totally get away with dressing it down with a casual Tee and sandals. Because sparkles make everything better! Right? 

Photos © Kristin Lehrer. I also used this as an opportunity to play around with some new Lightroom presets. I took these photos using my Canon Rebel EOS T5i / 35mm lens.