Some Day, My Melty Brain Will Understand Photography.

 Brandon Woelfel-ized photo of my knitting. 

Brandon Woelfel-ized photo of my knitting. 

I also started this blog to up my photography game. Not just by taking more photos, but improving my skills.

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around ISO, shutter speed, and exposure. I understand how they work on their own, but making them work together for a single shot? This is something I've always struggled with. (I did graduate from film school, right?) 🤔

I'm guessing it's because there's math involved. Math and I really don't get along. Anytime numbers are thrown at me, my brain literally melts inside my head. Still, I'm determined to understand this stuff, melty brain or no. And I am getting it, albeit very slowly. 

The Craftsy photography classes I've taken were helpful but, to be honest, I've learned way more from YouTube. You guys! There are SO many great channels out there, where photographers vlog and share tutorials. Channels like Peter McKinnon, Jessica Kobeissi, Mango Street, and Brandon Woelfel ... not only are they a huge source of information and inspiration. They're so much FUN to watch. 

I especially love when they collaborate on photo challenges (i.e., 3 Photographers Shoot the Same Model or Dollar Store Photo Challenge). So many great ideas! I might also be guilty of binge-watching quite a few of these. Seriously. Screw reality TV. This is where it's at, people. 🤤

They also introduced me to shooting RAW (instead of .jpg)  and totally transforming an image in Adobe Lightroom. It's amazing what you can do! 

Anyway, I'm having fun learning and going to have even more fun challenging myself, playing with my camera every day. I'm pretty sure you'll start to see more interesting photos pop-up here and on my Instagram feeds. Wheee!